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你好。很高兴有你的加入!希望你喜欢我亲手搭建的这个社区网站。我是Tony Wai。
Hi, glad to have you joining us. Hope you like this networking website I created. My name is Tony Wai.

5 years ago, a group of corporate leaders found this non-profit association in affiliation with the global ISM, with the vision to uplift our perceived capability and position in the global community and enhance the value of the profession. Thousands of our members have since then connected with others here and enjoyed the benefits being part of the family.  This shared vision has enabled us to carry-on on a volunteer basis through good times and bad.  

My personal interests span engineering and innovative product design, creative design, photography, training/education, new science and technologies, philosophy/spirituality, and physics.  Non-profit organization is more for contribution to society rather than interest, and I hope more people will join me in this effort to make a difference in the world.  

The key objective here in the platform is sharing.  Don't forget to introduce yourself too, and write something about your work or life and post it here .   Let's stay connected and share our interest and fun here.

Tony Wai, CPSM
President, ISM China

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以下告诉你如何从这里释放出这个网站的巨大能量(点击进去斜体字标出的功能看看) Here is how you can unleash the web power yourself (click the function to find out):

Forum (under Group menu): Here is where you can create and join any discussion. 从这里可以创建或参加网上讨论 (注意限制在专业或生活范围内,我们不讨论政治,不希望内容引起不相干的关注

Blog: (under Group menu) Write anything you'd like to share and post it here, become an author with your unique viewpoint 这可以编写和发表你的文章,心得,观点

Event: Look up and sign up for the event your like, or create one yourself (it'll show up after review and approval) 这里可以看到你要找到活动信息,或者自己发起一个活动 (在审核以后会出现)

Group: Create your own group and invite other with common interest to join, or join other existing group 创建自己的兴趣组邀请别人参加,或参加已经建立的组

Photo: (under Event menu) Share your photos here, or view others 这可以分享你的照片,或看看别人分享的

Video: (under Event menu) Share your videos here, or view others 这可以分享你的视频,或看看别人分享的


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