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2022届理事候选人 Board of Director candidates

Tony Wai, CPSM


Leonard Fok, CPSM


Julie Zhou


Lisa Lin, CPSM

1st VP

Jenny Chen

2nd VP

Steven Zheng

3rd VP


  1. 作为学会的治理主体:负责管理和控制学会的事务、资金和财产;建立,公布,修订和废除规章制度
  2. 作为面向各行业,专业,组织和机构的资源连接者、推广者和影响者,传递我们的宗旨、理念和使命
  3. 作为核心价值建设者,发展和促进协会的可持续性蓬勃发展

Member of the Board of Directors are nominated and elected by members with no compensation for the board role.  Board members represent and act on behalf of the interest of our members and serving the following functions:

  1. as the governing body of the Association: a) to general charge, management and control of the affairs, funds and properties of the Association; b) establish, promulgate, amend or rescind policy and procedure for the association
  2. as resource connector, promoter and influencer to the industries, profession, other associations, institution and government
  3. as core value builder, developer and promoter of the association for its vitality and sustainability

领导守则 Leaders Code of Conduct

As a member of The ISMCHINA board of directors, officers and volunteer members of an ISMCHINA committee or sub-group, one must:

  1. 维持最高的个人操守标准  
    Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct.
  2. 主动宣扬和鼓励供应管理学会代表的最高水平的专业和行业操守  
    Actively promote and encourage the highest level of ethics within the industry or profession ISMCHINA represents.
  3. 以ISMCHINA的最佳利益出发,对ISMCHINA公开,公平和善意对待  
    Act in the best interest of ISMCHINA and act openly, fairly, and in good faith toward ISMCHINA.
  4. 维持对学会的忠诚,并以与公众利益一致的方式追求其目标  
    Maintain loyalty to ISMCHINA and pursue its objectives in ways that are consistent with the public interest. 
  5. 以合法和符合道德的方式从事学会活动  
    Use only legal and ethical means in all ISMCHINA activities.
  6. 公平地服务全部会员,不对任何会员个体提供特权  
    Serve all members of ISMCHINA impartially and provide no special privilege for any individual member.
  7. 在没完全披露并获得理事会认同的情况下不接受与理事会成员任务相关工作的任何个人报酬。此项不包括作为主持或嘉宾获赠的小礼品,小额赠券或奖杯奖状等
    Accept no personal compensation for activities related to duties as a board member without full disclosure to and the consent of the board of directors. This does not apply to small gifts, such as gift certificates, plaques, apparel, etc., provided by sponsoring organizations, such as chapters, for unpaid speaking engagements, etc. 
  8. 遵守ISMCHINA的全部章程和规章制度,包括但不限于关于披露任何实质或貌似的利益冲突及接受不恰当好处的规定  
    Comply with all ISMCHINA bylaws, rules and policies, including without limitation, those policies pertaining to disclosure of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and improper acceptance of gratuities.
  9. 对专属信息保守机密  / Maintain the confidentiality of privileged information.
  10. 不得参与或支持以ISMCHINA利益寻租换取个人利益的活动  
    Refrain from engaging in or countenance activities for personal gain at the expense of ISMCHINA. 
  11. 不得利用ISMCHINA身份获取外部利益  
    Refrain from using a position with ISMCHINA to advance outside interests.
  12. 不得参与或支持对知识产权的侵权或不当使用  
    Refrain from engaging in or countenance infringement of misuse of ISMCHINA’s intellectual property. 
  13. 保障信息和数据使用的一致性,以忠实和准确的形式沟通ISMCHINA对外及对内的一切陈述声明  
    Always communicate ISMCHINA internal and external statements in a truthful and accurate manner by assuring that there is integrity in the data and information used by ISMCHINA. 

会员守则Members Code of Conduct

会员必须同意遵守ISM的供应管理专业操守原则与标准 / Members must agree to the following ISM Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct:


  • 在关系、行动和沟通中避免非道德或有损害的行为意图和表现
    Avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practice in relationships, actions, and communications. 
  • 适当谨慎运用授权,认真执行雇主的合法指示,以示忠诚。
    Demonstrate loyalty to the employer by diligently following the lawful instructions of the employer, using reasonable care and granted authority. 
  • 避免导致个人利益与雇主的合法权益发生冲突的任何个人业务或专业活动。
    Avoid any personal business or professional activity that would create a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the employer. 
  • 避免从现有或潜在供应商处索取或接受金钱、贷款、信贷或优惠折扣及接受礼物,招待,人情等可能会影响或看起来会影响供应管理决定的行为
    Avoid soliciting or accepting money, loans, credits, or preferential discounts, and the acceptance of gifts, entertainment, favors, or services from present or potential suppliers that might influence, or appear to influence, supply management decisions. 
  • 谨慎适当地权衡道德、法律后果和法规,妥善保管机密或专属信息
    Handle confidential or proprietary information with due care and proper consideration of ethical and legal ramifications and governmental regulations. 
  • 通过礼貌、公正的方式推动积极的供应商关系
    Promote positive supplier relationships through courtesy and impartiality. 
  • 避免不恰当的互惠协议
    Avoid improper reciprocal agreements. 
  • 了解和遵守适用于供应管理的法律相关文件和精神
    Know and obey the letter and spirit of laws applicable to supply management. 
  • 鼓励支持小企业、劣势企业及少数族裔企业
    Encourage support for small, disadvantaged, and minority-owned business. 
  • 获取并保持专业胜任能力
    Acquire and maintain professional competence.
  • 依照国家及国际法律、风俗、实践,组织政策及这些操守原则和行为准则进行供应管理活动
    Conduct supply management activities in accordance with national and international laws, customs, and practices, your organization’s policies, and these ethical principles and standards of conduct. 
  • 提升供应管理专业的形象
    Enhance the stature of the supply management profession. 

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