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There are many resources available to help individuals study for the CPSM® Exam. Some are developed by ISM, while textbooks and resources developed by others can be extremely helpful in preparation. 

Required Material:

  1. "ISM CPSM® Study Guide" (3 volumes) -- For all Exam candidates; Contains highlighted content for the Bridge Exam; Mandatory for training workshop

Supplemental Reading/Study: 

  1. ISM CPSM® Diagnostic Kit, Print or Web Versions
  2. ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms, 5th edition
  3. ISM CPSM® Review Self-Study Workbooks
  4. ISM Professional Series (3 books, one for each Exam)

Other ISM material:

  1. Inside Supply Management (ISM magazine)
  2. Supply Management Handbook, 7th edition
  3. ISM face-to-face seminars
  4. ISM Knowledge Center courses
  5. ISM conferences and events

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