To those who wondered, the passcode is: mee

It was added as a matter of checking who actually attempted to open the ppt, and a level of security to limit access to only this group.

As you know, we did not have sufficient time to discuss a portion of the ppt regarding on-stage and presentation skills, which is one of the critical element for a successful trainer.  As many of us already have a good level of experience presenting in front of audience, let's continue our open discussion here and share you experience in area such as:

1. Ice breaking, building rapport with the audience -- what are some of your good ideas to lighten things up,  get people acquainted, generates a good laugh, building a recognition for you or your topic?

2. Concept presentation and tone -- who do you adjust your speech and tone in various concepts, how do you manage the emotional expression 

3. Attracting attentions and regaining attentions -- what happens if you sense the audience is losing interest or diverting attention?  What are some of the tricks to gain attention on keypoints? 

4. Facilitating questions & discussions -- How do you get people to ask questions? How to start a discussion and how to wrap up a discussion?

5. Handling issues and managing atmosphere -- what if someone in the audience is challenging you?  What is they keep having small chats?

6. Transitioning -- What are some of the good way to switch from one topic to another?  How to naturally lead the transition?

Your turn now..............

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some thoughts on Tony's questions:

1. some team games with score define could help to break the ice, and cultivate the team spirit.

5. when some audiences have questions, we can redirect the questions to other people to see if the question is general, in this way we can use collective knowledge to solve the problems..

Nice comments. Keep learning!


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